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BirdBusters carries a wide variety of architectural and environmental pest bird control products:
  • Structural anti-perching bird deterrents include bird wire, bird spikes, electrical bird track or wire systems, and unique bird repellers.
  • Color coded polyethylene bird netting creates an 'invisible' bird barrier to solve bird problems at overnight bird roosts.
  • NEW PRODUCT!!! Firefly bird flight diverter solves bird strikes on power lines as well as agricultural and industrial bird problems. Excellent visual bird deterrent that works against all species in many locations!
  • NEW PRODUCT!!! New Woodpecker Visual Deterrent. Holographic Owl re-fracts color affecting UV avian vision
  • Species specific electronic sound system for airports and runways to reduce bird strikes and control birds around airports.
  • Audio/visual/taste repellents deter flocking bird problems at agricultural, aquaculture or industrial sites.
  • Bird repellents for bird problems on boats and marine environments.
  • Humane bird control products to get rid of pigeons, woodpeckers, swallows, crows, starlings, sparrows, gulls, turkey vultures and other common problem bird species.

    BirdBusters has been solving bird problems for nearly 20 years on historical landmarks, new developments and almost every structure imaginable. Our expert knowledge in the field of bird control allows us to help you find the right humane bird control product to solve your problem and match your aesthetic requirements.
    We offer bird control consulting services to architects, installers and building owners alike.
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