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The Airport Bird Wailer MkIV is an airport bird control device that causes problem birds to move away from airport runways, and helipads, using electronic sounds, distress and alarm calls and predator attack cries. This system creates an uncomfortable and disagreeable environment for most bird species.

Electronic and natural sounds are emitted at irregular intervals for variable lengths of time, preventing problem birds from growing accustomed to these sounds.

This airport bird control product will keep problem birds away from runways and other open airport areas without interfering with radio traffic. Customizeable to dissuade any pest bird species, this technical airport bird control product ends bird strikes and protects other airport property like signs and lights from pest bird damage.


A system based on an exclusive approach

The Airport Bird Wailer MkIIIb differs from competing bird scare products in that it causes birds to move away gradually, rather than startling them and driving them off, only to have the birds return later. The Airport Bird Wailer MkIIIb is easy and quick to install, does not involve the use of chemicals, requires no propane, explosives or guns, can be operated 24 hours a day, and is inexpensive to run. Its effectiveness rate varies between 80 and 90 % depending on the problem bird species. It should be considered a core system in any bird deterrent program for airport runways.

Reduces the risk of strikes

Birds pose a safety threat to airplanes, especially during landing and take-off. When birds strike an aircraft travelling at high speed, the impact can sometimes be impressive. The ensuing damages are often substantial, in terms of both financial losses and loss of life. The Airport Bird Wailer MkIIIb was designed to help correct this situation.

Unique characteristics

  • Program that includes 100 different electronic sounds to deter problem birds around airports
  • Emits natural bird calls (alarm and distress calls) and attack calls indigenous to the area
  • Compact bird control system with no moving parts
  • Easy to program: the bird deterrent unit has two buttons and an electronic display
  • Environmentally friendly airport bird deterrent
  • Adjustable volume for use near built-up areas of airports
  • Unit can be switched on and off using a 24-hour timer or a light sensor
  • Operates on 12 VDC or 110/220 VAC

The Airport Bird Wailer bird deterrent system has been deployed in a number of major airports including:

  • Canada: Vancouver, Calgary, Halifax, CFB Bagotville, Chicoutimi, St-Johns (Newfoundland)
  • USA: Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Los Angeles
  • Asia
  • Taiwan
  • Middle East
  • Oman, Dubai
  • Russia
  • St. Petersburg
  • Iceland
  • Reykjavik
  • North Africa
  • Melilla
  • Caribbean
  • Barbados, Grand Cayman
  • Australia
  • Oakey Airbase, QLD

All users unanimously agree on the reliablilty and effectiveness of the Wailer airport bird control system which can combine the sounds according to the target species.

Bird Wailer Equipment and Specification:

The case includes an electronic circuit 2 high frequency speakers, 4 low frequency speakers and 2 outlets to connect mobile speakers. The Wailer airport bird control unit operates on 12 VDC or 110/220 VAC. It is equipped with two external buttons and an electronic display used to program the following items:

  • Variation of sound duration
  • Waiting time between sounds
  • Selection between day and/or night to emit
        - Electronic and natural sounds
        - Electronic sounds only
        - Natural sounds only
  • On/off switch with a light detector or a 24-hour timer
  • Choice of sounds
  • Indication of the remaining power supply (battery)
  • Volume control


Airport Bird Wailer Mk IIIb (including)

  • Master Unit
  • 4 high volume weatherproof speakers
  • 5 Adjustable aluminum stands
  • 4 X 500FT (152M) shielded cables

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For a complete list of natural bird deterrent sound options please click here.

For complete technical specifications click here.

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Agricultural Bird Wailer deters birds from crops, aquacultures and other wide open spaces.

Orchards and other crops find the Bird Wailer bird deterrent an effective bird control product.

Video of Airport Bird Wailer in action
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Video 1 (any connection)

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Video 3 (any connection)

Closeup of agricutural Bird Wailer electronic unit that includes 6 speakers and two programmable sound chips
Airport Wailer System Components
* Master Unit
* 4 high volume weatherproof speakers
* 5 Adjustable aluminum stands
* 4 X 500FT (152M) shielded cables


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