Bird Control Wire

Birdwire is a very cost effective bird control system against pigeons and seagulls. An extremely versatile bird control product, Birdwire can be adapted to protect any building, opening, or architectural configuration against pest birds.

Birdwire bird deterrent is approved by federal, state and foreign governments and historical preservation groups world-wide as a discreet architectural bird control product. Birdwire's low-profile installation solves pest bird problems without unsightly prevention methods.

Target Birds Deterred: Pigeon, Gulls, Crows and other large pest birds

Install Birdwire bird deterrent: In light to medium bird pressure areas. On long, exposed ledges; parapets; signs; beams; windows; pipes; etc. where birds are NOT nesting.

Material: Stainless steel posts and wire

Ease of Installation: Professional level product

Advantages of BirdWire:

  • Very discreet; nearly invisible bird deterrent
  • Different brackets for use on many architectural configurations
  • GSA approved for pest bird control of historical buildings
  • Stainless steel materials protect building for years from pest birds

How It Works: Birdwire consists of nylon-coated, spring tensioned stainles steel wire attached to stainless steel posts at differing intervals which deter pest birds from landing. The posts are secured using nylon anchor rivets, glue-on bases or special clamps, depending on the architectural configuration.

Click here for more detail on Birdwire bird control product parts.

Download Birdwire specifications here (Adobe Acrobat .pdf format)

buy Bird Wire products
buy Bird Wire products

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Bird Control Wire

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