Bird Scare Devices
Zon Gun Propane Canon

This bird control product taps into pest birds instinctive fear of predator birds, encouraging them to leave the area. These pest bird deterrent products are most effective when utilized as part of a bird scare campaign. For more information on conducting an effective bird scare campaign, click here.

BirdGard Electronic Bird Repeller moves pest birds

Zon Gun Mark IV Propane Canon

A lightweight portable propane-fired cannon emits automatic thunderclaps that deter pest birds and other nuisance wildlife. The intervals between detonations can be adjusted from 2-30 minutes.

The Zon Gun operates on LP gas and uses a 'piezo' lighter for ignition, that is good for 100,000 sparks. Eack 10kg bottle of propane produces 12-15,000 detonations. The standard model is fully automatic, ground mounted, simple, practical, effective and rotates a full 360 degrees for wide coverage.

Zon Gun Mark IV Propane Canon (ea)   SD-ZN10
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Timer for Zon Gun (ea)   SD-ZN25
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Tripod for Zon Gun (ea)   SD-ZN15
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