Bird Scare Devices
Screech Owl

These bird control products tap into pest birds instinctive fear of predator birds, encouraging them to leave the area. These pest bird deterrent products are most effective when utilized as part of a bird scare campaign and/or as a re-enforcement with a exclusionary system. For more information on conducting an effective bird scare campaign, click here.

BirdGard Electronic Bird Repeller moves pest birds

Screech Owl

Non-moving plastic owls are not a convincing predator to pest birds, unlike this lifelike, rotating, screeching owl.

Four predator/scare sounds are programmed in the unit: birds in distress, predator attack cries and wing beats from birds taking flight. The rotating base mounts easily to any flat surface and spins in the wind. A photo cell activates the sounds during daylight hours only.

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