Audio / Visual Bird Deterrent
Bird Scare Devices

Audio and visual bird deterrents can be an effective bird control technique when combined with other pest bird control systems and harrassment techniques. For these bird deterrent products to be effective, pest birds need to perceive them as a threat in some way. That is why the location of where these bird deterrents are placed as well as regular movement of the bird scare products is important. For more information on conducting an effective bird scare campaign, click here.

Firefly Bird Flapper / Flight Diverter

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Holographic Bird Scare Guardian OwlHolographic Repel Strips

Holographic / Iridescent Guardian Owl & Repel Strips

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Visual bird scare products like flash tape can be effective at moving certain pest bird speciesAudio visual bird deterrents like the bird scare octopus flag work best when used in a combined scare program.

Scare Eye Flags (octopus) & Bird Scare Flash Tape

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Predator eye bird scare eye balloons chase pest birds from agricultural and home areas

Bird Scare Eye Balloons

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Owls are natural predators to many pest birds making this moveable screech owl an effective bird scare device

Screech Owl

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Audio bird repellents like the Birdgard unit use predator calls and other noises as bird deterrents for pesky pest birds

BirdGard Electronic Bird Repeller

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Predator attack sounds often frighten pest birds and help resolve bird problems

Cry Of The Hawk CD

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Zon Gun Propane Canon

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Agricultural Bird Wailer bird deterrent for bird problems in crops, aquacultures and other open areas

Agricultural Bird Wailer Mk IIIa

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Bird Squawker provides bird control for smaller acreage farms and crops

Bird Squawker bird scarer

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BirdBlaster 4-Way Protection System

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Avian dissuader bird deterrent moves pest birds from wide open areas

Avian Dissuader

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Dead Goose Decoy

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Woodpecker Spray Repellent

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Woodpecker Paint Additive

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Helikite predator kite

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"Migrate" Taste Deterrent
for geese and other grazing bird

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