Bird Scare Devices
BirdGard Electronic Bird Repeller

The Bird Gard is a programmable electronic bird repeller that uses a variety of species specific distress signals and predator calls to send a "danger" alert to other pest birds in the area. The BirdGard is ideal for spot dispersal of flocking birds in small areas.

BirdGard Electronic Bird Repeller moves pest birds

These bird control devices have:

  • On-off and volume control
  • A "time off" phase between sounds
  • A day-night 24 hour switch
  • Plugs into 110 volt power outlet

The Standard BirdGard Pro bird repeller has the following programmed sounds: starling, robin, house finch (sparrow), ring-billed gull, grackle, sharp-shinned hawk, blue jay, erd-winged blackbird.

The Marine Bird Gard Pro II bird deterrent has six common gull species plus cormorant and marsh hawk sounds programmed.

Bird Gard Pro Electronic Bird Repeller  
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