Bird Scare Products

The BIRDBLASTER bird control product is a state-of-the-art bird terrorizer. This bird control product detects when pest birds enter your protected property and reacts by exposing the winged intruders to their four worst fears SOUND-MOTION-SCENT-FORCE. By applying these fears in a random manner, this bird control device virtually brings the structure alive, thus insuring the pest birds will not land or roost.

The unique four-way protection system of the BIRDBLASTER bird control product can be engineered for any of your clients needs. Totally customizable for almost any situation, this bird control device works against all pest bird species including pigeons, sparrows, gulls, starlings and more.

The BIRDBLASTER bird control product is the only non-permanent patent pending pigeon and bird control system designed specifically to eliminate these problems forever. The BIRDBLASTER bird deterrent protects your client’s property whether it is a High-rise, Historical Building or Monument, shopping Center, Restaurant, Outdoor Billboards or Homes.

Target Birds Deterred: All pest bird species, including: pigeons, sparrows, starlings, sea gulls, blackbirds and more.

Uses for BIRDBLASTER: Billboards and other open areas where birds like to perch or roost. Excellent for use on overhead doors to keep sparrows out and/or to sequester off an sensitive area in a huge warehouse. The BIRDBLASTER bird control product can also be adapted to deter pest birds in agricultural applications and on large, flat roof tops.

How it Works: The BIRDBLASTER bird control device consists of a centralized unit with a Dopler Radar and an air compressor. A hose is installed around the perimeter of a building or billboard. Every 14 feet a section of flimsy surgical hose is attached to the hose with at “T” joint. Each joint features a solenoid that keeps the air-flow to the surgical pipe closed. The hose is then pressured up to 140 PSI. When a pest bird flies into the zone, the radar picks them up and sends a signal to all the solenoids. They all open at once creating a very loud hissing noise, and all the sections of surgical hose flap and flail around the roof. This noise and visual of flailing snakes scares the birds away. One BIRDBLASTER bird control unit can cover a building of 7,000 - 10,000 square feet.

Ease of Installation: Professional level product - involved.

Pricing: Please call 1-866-915-8225 or email for more information specific to your problem.


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