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Woodpecker Repellant Spray

Woodpecker Deterrent and Protective Coating Spray is designed to provide a protective skin to cover areas repaired with Woodpecker Hole Filler and Deterrent from weather conditions until sufficient cure is obtained. The woodpecker repellant spray can also be used where woodpecker damage is anticipated to help avoid future woodpecker damage.

This repellent product is a non-reverting, non-oxidizing, protective latex film with a natural smell & taste deterrent. This non-toxic, environmentally safe woodpecker control product works on birds that peck and damage wood or other surfaces. When applied correctly, the woodpecker repellent spray slowly emits encapsulated deterrent, providing protection from future damage. Even after the surface woodpecker deterrent has totally disappeared, protection is provided whenever the repaired area is pecked, because this action releases more woodpecker deterrent encapsulated within the coating.

We recommend combining the woodpecker control spray with visual scare products for more effective dispersal. One quart protects a 20 x 20 square foot area.

Woodpecker Repellant Spray - 1 quart  
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