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4" Bird Coil bird deterrent - 25 ' x 4" (ea)

4" Bird Coil bird deterrent - 25 ' x 4" (ea)

Bird Coil 4" Bird Deterrent

Ideal rooftop perimeters and building ledges, the stainless steel Bird Coil bird deterrent expands to 25 foot lengths. Use four-inch Bird Coil for crows, pigeons and gulls  . Installation hardware sold separately.

The Bird Coil bird deterrent system is extremely adaptable. By placing install clips at strategic locations along the Bird Coil run, you can customize this bird control product for use on nearly any architectural configuration.

Installation: The Bird Coil bird control product can be attached to any substrate using our special Bird Bond adhesive or screws with our specially designed coil clips. Begin by securing a special Bird Coil end post at the beginning of your Bird Coil run. Then install one coil clip per foot using adhesive or screws. Finish your Bird Coil bird control product run with another end post.

After the clips are secured, crimp the end of the coil onto the end post and stretch the bird deterrent coil out so there is around 2 fingers of space in between each loop of coil (no more, not much less as this spacing is ideal for deterring pigeons and other large birds).

Be sure to install the Bird Coil bird repellent to overhang the edge of your ledge or parapet by 1/4." You can connect bird coils together for pigeon control and other large bird control on ledges or parapets over 25 feet by crimping the ends together. For multiple rows of coil, a 1" space in between rows of this bird deterrent is tolerable.

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