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Agricultural Bird Wailer MkIV

Agricultural Bird Wailer MkIV
Agricultural Bird Wailer MkIV - Fruit Trees

The Agricultural Bird Wailer MkIV bird deterrent incorporates up to 34 natural sounds, such as target bird alarm and distress calls, together with predators like hawks, owls, etc. indigenous to your area. Because birds and some animals habituate to repetitive sounds, the Bird Wailer System incorporates up to 95 seconds of natural sounds plus 100 electronic sounds that can be programmed at random. An impression of surround sound is created by electronically moving the many different combinations of audio sounds and natural sounds randomly from speaker to speaker for varying duration's, at varying intervals. This unique feature lessens the likelihood of  problem pest birds becoming familiar with a pattern. This is known as habituation, which often happens with conventional bird scare devices.

What we need to know to determine if a Phoenix Deterrent System can help your bird issues?


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The unit is not in use for the season yet due to the sweet corn is not at the stage where bird pressure is a problem. But I have it on a mobile tripod and can have it ready for a photo in a moments notice. It is by far the best investment I made in 2016 and have highly  recommended it to other corn growers.



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