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Bird Chaser Bird Deterrent - with 18" Aluminum Base & PVC Bracket

Bird Chaser Bird Deterrent - with 18" Aluminum Base & PVC Bracket
Bird Chaser Crow & Starling Deterrent with PVC Bracket Bird  Chaser crow & starling deterrent with PVC bracket1

Bird Chaser Bird Deterrent gets rid of Crows & Starlings.  (18" Aluminum Frame & PVC Bracket included).

Chase those birds away! Get rid of crows, ravens and starlings with the revolutionary Bird Chaser!

This innovative bird control product is a state-of-the-art optical bird harassment & behavioral modification device that disperses larger flocking birds like crow, ravens, starlings.

The ground-breaking Bird Chaser bird deterrent is a visual bird scare device that deters problem crows & starlings from unwanted areas by reflecting irregular light beams from the sun. The Bird Chaser is a banded string of transparent fiber, twisted into a circular configuration that reflects light into the eyes of birds which limits their vision creating disorientation and making them believe there is a credible threat to them in the area, so the problem birds leave the area.The Bird Chaser bird deterrent with PVC bracket ( pvc pipe not included, purchase the desired length needed) is effective at moving birds out of trees or powerlines up to 80'+ high

Use the Bird Chaser to:

*  Prevent Crows & Starlings flocking in trees

*  Prevent Crows from destroying crops

*  Scare Crows & Starlings off Rooftops & Power lines

*  Keep crows off your deck or patio

How do you solve a crow/ starling problem.

Mount this bird deterrent near or below the problem area. The Bird Chaser Chow & Starling Deterrent with Swivel bracket moves in the wind and can easily be attached to posts, dowel rod. Make sure there is space so that the crow & starling deterrent is free to move in the wind..

The Bird CHASER should be used night and day on a consistent basis to disrupt daytime / casual roosting and attempts to nest.

Depending on the size of the crow flock we recommend purchasing two or more Dead Crow Scare Deterrents along with other audio / visual crow deterrents to create an area that increases the crow's fear and flight response to a predator threat.

Bird Chaser is effective against Crows, Ravens, Starlings

* International bulk orders - email for a shipping quote!

*No single product stands alone; a combination of Bird deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary.


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