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Bird Chaser Bird Deterrent - with 18" Aluminum Bracket

Bird  Chaser Bird Deterrent - with 18" Aluminum Bracket
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Bird Chaser Bird Deterrent gets rid of Crows & Starlings. Advanced hand-held bird harassment, truck mounted mobile crow control, structural crow deterrent (18" Aluminum Bracket included).

Chase those birds away! Get rid of crows, ravens and starlings with the revolutionary Bird Chaser!

This innovative bird control product is a state-of-the-art optical bird harassment & behavioral modification device that disperses larger flocking birds like crow, ravens, starlings.

The ground-breaking Bird Chaser bird deterrent is a visual bird scare device that deters problem crows & starlings from unwanted areas by reflecting irregular light beams from the sun. The Bird Chaser is a banded string of transparent fiber, twisted into a circular configuration that reflects light into the eyes of birds which limits their vision creating disorientation and making them believe there is a credible threat to them in the area, so the problem birds leave the area. The Bird Chaser bird deterrent is effective for approximately up to 164 square feet.

Use the Bird Chaser to:

*  Prevent Crows & Starlings flocking in trees

*  Prevent Crows from destroying crops

*  Scare Crows & Starlings off Rooftops & Power lines

*  Keep crows off your deck or patio

Mount the Bird Chaser bird deterrent to the back of a truck or roof rack to scare from Airports and/or Farms

How do you solve a crow/ starling problem.

Waving the 18" x 4" Crow Chaser at the flock will instantly send the crows flying, regardless of the tree height or flock size. 

Mount this bird deterrent near the problem area. When possible, install the Bird Chaser so that it moves in the wind. To increase effectiveness, insert a bolt/rod in the hole in the center of the bracket allowing the device to swivel which will move more at all hours and reflect more light during the day.

The Bird CHASER should be used night and day on a consistent basis to disrupt daytime / casual roosting and attempts to nest.

Depending on the size of the crow flock we recommend purchasing two or more Dead Crow Scare Deterrents along with other audio / visual crow deterrents to create an area that increases the crow's fear and flight response to a predator threat.

Bird Chaser is effective against Crows, Ravens, Starlings

* International bulk orders - email for a shipping quote!

*No single product stands alone; a combination of Bird deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary.


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