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Bird Flock Deflector

Bird Flock Deflector
Bird Flock Deflector Bird Flock Deflector mounted with suction cups

Bird Flock Deflector - Bird Deterrent

Target Flocking Birds / Roosting Areas

  • Wind Powered Reflective Sunbeams help deter flocking birds
  • Coverage up to 50' depending on UV index & wind velocity
  • Use multiple Bird Flock Deflectors in large areas,  position every 50-60 feet
  • Install with suction cups, screws or adhesive
  • Extra hole in base for 45° mounting angle
  • Install at rooftops, boat docks, aqua, agricultural applications and more
  • Specifications

    Dimensions: 11” W (top) x 12” H

    Power: Sun, wind

    Materials: Aluminum and plastic

  • Bird Flock Deflector model sd-fd - mounts with screws or adhesive

    Bird Flock Deflector model sd-fds - mounts with suction cups

* Bird Scare products may not be effective against non-migratory birds like pigeons and sparrows. If the birds are new to the area the product has shown some effectiveness. If pigeons and sparrows are nesting we recommend exclusion products like Bird Netting. The Bird Flock Deflector  should be used as part of a organized bird dispersal campaign

How to Conduct An Effective Bird Scare Campaign

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