Bird Scare Eye Balloon

Bird Scare Eye Balloon
Scare Eye Balloon yellow Scare Eye Balloon black Scare Eye Balloon over Patio

Scare Eye Balloons

Placement and quantity are key to using Scare Eye balloons . Mount the Scare Eye balloons away from buildings or trees so they intersect the birds flight path. If possible, relocate each scare balloon every few days or, at minimum, mount in an area where it will move in the breeze and catch the sun.

  • Scares Problem birds with movement & bright flashes of light
  • Scare Eye balloons scares woodpeckers, gulls, starlings
  • Keep Birds Away from House
  • Scares Away Problem birds
  • Keeps birds away from gardens, patios, balconies

Use at least one bird scare visual device every 400 square feet of area. It is crucial to use enough products because the goal is to overwhelm the birds and give them the impression they are surrounded by predators.

All bird scare products work best when used in combination with each other as they increase the birds fear and flight response to the perceived predator threat.

How to Conduct An Effective Bird Scare Campaign

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