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Bird Scare Flash Tape (1/2 in. X 300ft)

Bird Scare Flash Tape (1/2 in. X 300ft)

Bird Scare Mylar Flash Tape (1/2 in. X 300ft)

Bird Scare Mylar Flash tape reflects sunlight and creates a humming sound when tape is twisted in the breeze, signalling danger to pest birds in the area. Available in 1/2" x 300' rolls. Placement and quantity are key to using bird scare products.

Cut Bird Scare Mylar flash tape strips of 3-5 feet in length and hang from buildings or trees so they intersect the birds flight path, catch sunlight and move in the breeze. Use at least 10-15 flash tape strips for every 400 square feet of area. It is crucial to use enough products because the goal is to overwhelm the birds and give the impression they are surrounded by predators.

Swivel Bracket Kit (not included)

We recommend using Swivel Bracket Kits  to increase movement  of the Bird Scare Flash Tape and project into flight path. Visual bird deterrents are more effective when they are allowed to move freely in the wind and reflect sunlight back at the problem pest bird.

 Swivel Bracket Kit includes: Two 14” x 1/4” rods, 6” SS Swivel Arm, Mounting Hardware (for mounting on walls/fences)

Whip Rod - Swivel Kit Includes -  Four 19" x 1/4" Rods, two Connector Fittings, two 12" SS Conduit Swivel Arms (to elevate holographic owl above lawns & gardens)

All scare products work best when used in combination with each other as they increase the birds fear and flight response to the perceived predator threat.

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