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Bird Squawker with 2 Speakers

Bird Squawker with 2 Speakers

The  Bird Squawker utilizes the very latest sound technology, reproducing actual alarm and distress cries of many species of pest birds coupled with the sounds of predators and hunting sequences. This gives the Bird  Squawker an effectiveness which no other system can match, can deter over 100 pest bird species with species-specific targeting, pre-programmed sounds that can be flexibly deployed in a random pattern to deter naturalization. It has adjustable volume and time-lapse features, light-sensor automatic day/night modes and runs off a standard 12 volt battery. Package comes with Bird Squawker unit, two speakers plus two 75 foot sections of outdoor speaker wire to cover about 1/4 acre. Please specify bird species to be targeted (up to four species per unit). 1 unit 12 volt

I found the Squawker most effective for me last summer as the problem was eliminated. Although I saw seagulls land in neighbouring fields, the gulls circled over my fields but did not land

Douglas Stevens
Stevens Blueberry Farm

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