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Critternet Electrified Netting (Call to Order)

 Critternet Electrified Netting (Call to Order)
Critternet protecting Bee-hives Critternet protecting crops

Critternet Electrified Netting is made by an all welded process for strength and perfect configuration. It consists of six horizontal lines of heavy-gauge and high-quality polythene/stainless steel electro plastic twine with a further bottom horizontal strand and verticals of non-conducting plain polythene twine.

The netting is supported at approximately13" (4 meter) intervals by all plastic, electric fencing posts supplied already fitted to the netting. The netting is 50cm (20")/30" high and is supplied in lengths of 164' (50 meters) and 82' (25 meters).The verticals are at 3 inches (77 mm) spacings while the horizontals vary from 2.5"(64 mm) to 4.25" (108 mm) higher up. Up to 20 rolls of Flexinet ( km) can be operated from the same high-powered fencer unit, depending on site conditions. Complete enclosures will reduce crop losses dramatically, while strip fences alongside wild animal habitat, such as woodland, will restrict losses to an acceptable level.

Supplied in 164'(50 m) and 82' (25 m) lengths with plastic posts with 7" (18 cm) metal ground spies, Flexinet is very easy to erect or move to another location. All that is necessary is to clear a path through existing vegetation along the proposed line of netting, usually by mowing. Further growth during the period the netting remains on site can be controlled by spraying with Roundup.


Option 1 - 20" x 82'

Option 2 - 20" x 164'

Option 3 - 30" x 164'


"In 2014, we purchased 89 rolls of Critternet electric fencing to deter raccoons & porcupines from our corn fields. It proved extremely effective."

Benoit Michaud Production Manager La Ferme Michaud Farm Ltd

Powered by Hotline Electric Fencers P250 MERLIN 12vBattery Fencer UnitUp to twelve Flexinets can be operated onthis unit.

P505 OSPREY 12vHi Power BatteryFencer UnitFor all general farmuses. Up to 25 rolls ofFlexinet can be used with this unit.

P600 CONDOR 110vSuper Power FencerUnitThis unit can cover upto 50 miles (80 km) ofboundary fence or 40rolls of Flexinet.

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