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Dead Crow Deterrent Kit

Dead Crow Deterrent Kit
Dead Crow Bird Deterrent Crow deterrents Crow Chaser Optical Bird Deterrent Bird Chaser Optical Bird Deterrent

 Dead Crow Deterrent Kit includes 1 Dead Crow Decoy & 1 Bird Chaser Bird Deterrent

The Dead Crow crow Deterrent is a full feathered realistic effigy of a dead crow in the classic "death pose". Crows are considered as one of the most intelligent bird species and are not easily fooled. Crows can easily adapt to their environment and quickly learn new skills to enable them to get at food sources. 

Use the Dead Crow Effigy & Bird Chaser on:

Use the Dead Crow Effigy & Bird Chaser crows flocking in trees

* Use the Dead Crow Effigy & Bird Chaser to prevent Crows from destroying crops

* Use the Dead Crow Effigy & Bird Chaser to Scare Crows off Rooftops

* Use the Dead Crow Effigy & Bird Chaserto scare away Large Flocks of Crows

* Use the Dead Crow Effigy & Bird Chaser to keep crows off your deck or patio

How do you solve a crow problem.

Before installing the Dead Crow Effigy we strongly recommend implementing a harassment campaign as the first step in modifying the crow's roosting habits. By simply waving The 18" x 4" Crow Chaser at the flock will instantly send the crows flying regardless of the tree height or flock size. 

The CROW CHASER should be used night and day on a consistent basis to disrupt daytime / casual roosting and attempts to nest.

Depending on the size of the crow flock we recommend purchasing two or more Dead Crow Scare Deterrents along with other audio / visual crow deterrents to create an area that increases the crow's fear and flight response to a predator threat.

Hang the Dead Crow Effigies upside down at the problem areas. The effigies can be installed as follows:


Hang from primary tree limb roost using the attached cord after clearing branches to provide swaying motion.

Agriculture / Gardens:

Attach the Dead Crow Effigy to the 14" Swivel Bracket or the 12" Conduit Swivel. The 14" Swivel Bracket is easily attached to a post using screws or zip ties. The 12" Conduit Swivel requires a short 1/2" PVC pipe (NI) and is also attached to a post using zip ties or adjustable clamps.


Both Swivel Brackets can be attached to plumbing stacks on roofs.


Effective against -Crows & Ravens

The Crow Scare Decoy can also be  great addition to your Halloween Haunted house or scary movie.

NOTE: Advise protecting with polyurethane spray to prolong feathers.

* International bulk orders - email for a shipping quote!

*No single product stands alone; a combination of Bird deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary.

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