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FireEye Wind Repeller Kit

FireEye Wind Repeller Kit
FireEye Wind Repeller on  pole FireEy Wind Repeller tail

FireEye Wind Repeller Kit

The FireEye wind powered repeller uses state of the art visual cues to deter pest birds during day, low light, fog / night conditions. The FireEye repeller's unique design combines motion, reflectivity and light emissions that affect avian vision. Windy weather will  create disruptive audio affecting pest birds. Assembly required. Pole not included.

Kit includes (Self Adhering Decals):

"Diamond bar” fluorescent yellow and orange reflective decals

Phosphorescent decals -  10+/- hours afterglow per UV index at site

Cardboard template for above patterns.

Holographic 'feather pattern' 2"  tape

Mirrored reflective 2" tape

UV Liquid, 1.5oz , roll-on applicator

Structural Specifications:

18" x 2.5" blades; tapered tips

19" x 1" rotating  ball bearing shaft

10" rudder

Weight: 3 lbs.


Suggested design:

Front: 2" x 4" Holographic Decals applied to six blades; 1/2" x 1"  Phosphorescent glow at night decals. 2" x 2" yellow/orange 'Diamond Bar' fluorescent decals. UV paint - bare metal

Rear: 2" x 4" mirrored reflective tape; liberal UV paint applied to blades,

Rudder: UV paint, feather patterned cutouts of all decals.


* Bird Scare products may not be effective against non-migratory birds like pigeons and sparrows. If the birds are new to the area the product has shown some effectiveness. If pigeons and sparrows are nesting we recommend exclusion products like Bird Netting. The Bird Flock Deflector  should be used as part of a organized bird dispersal campaign

How to Conduct An Effective Bird Scare Campaign

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