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Firefly I Swivel Assembly Bird Deterrent

Firefly I  Swivel Assembly Bird Deterrent
Fireflys on Distribution lines Firefly installation using Hotstick Firefly Electric sub-stations

Firefly I  Swivel Assembly Bird Deterrent (Light Wind)

Firefly Swivel assembly provides the  same day / night protection features as the Fixed Firefly but the Swivel Assembly increases visibility and effectiveness. The FireFly bird diverter reduces collisions, bird strikes to transmission, power lines, guy wires,  distribution lines using motion, reflectivity and light emissions to alert the birds to an upcoming obstruction.

Target Birds: All bird species and bats.

Install Firefly Bird Diverter: Distribution, Transmission Power Lines, Sub-Stations.

Material: Acrylic Plastic 1/8“ x 3.5” x 7” flapper -impact-resistant and UV-stabilized. (--30 F. to 160 F.) Fluorescent Reflective Sheeting – up to 10 hour glow-in-the dark light emitted. The Firefly produces an initial light emission of 6 lumens per cubic meter which reduces to 1 lumen PCM 1-2 hours after sunset.

How It Works: The Firefly Bird Diverter movement is affected by direct wind and indirect wire movement increasing visibility. The Firefly’s Bird Diverter glow-in-the-dark feature provides luminescence up to 10 hours at night, fog / low light conditions

Installation: SnapFast mounting clamp prevents line slippage on single or bundled cables 0.375" – 2.75" in. Easy to install from the ground, bucket lift or helicopter using an installation tool on a hotstick

Spacing - Approximately every 30-50’ +/- feet across power lines for maximum effectiveness


Firefly, Fixed / Snapfast Clamp, Model FF 1-HW  - Flapper - 7.2 oz   / 6 x 3.5 x 1/8” 

Firefly I HW – Disc - 4.9 oz / 5.25” diameter

Ice loading: Ice/ snow / sleet flow off the slick diverter surface. Firefly’s Bird Diverter were installed at Barrow Alaska Power line just above the arctic circle in 2007 – no ice loading issues reported to date. Report available upon request.  

Weight 0.35 lbs
Our price: $51.00
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