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Flying Falcon Bird Diverter

Flying Falcon Bird Diverter
Flying Falcon Bird Diverter To avoid losses and to strengthen the falcon we suggest reinforcing the central hook with adhesive tape.

The Flying Falcon Bird Diverter is a new and innovative bird scare device that simulates the look and souring abilities of a actual bird of prey. The realistic looking mylar raptor can soar in the air up to 100'. Use the Flying Falcon Bird Diverter to scare away birds and some small mammals  from Agriculture, landfills, roof tops, marinas etc.

  Featuring a " 4 Foot Wingspan"
•    Inflate with Helium or Air,  Helium is the recommended method
•    Slightest breeze activates the Falcon
•    Special valve maintains air inflation for weeks
•    Not a kite. Easy to follow instructions
        (fishing line not included)

Flying Falcon Video's


If the flying Falcon is inflated with air, it has to be hung on a high pole ( better a telescopic pole) using a couple of meters of fishing line, then a very light breeze make it fly . On the contrary, if it is inflated with Helium, it rises as the helium gas is lighter than the air.  Even in this case it can be fixed to a telescopic pole using even 20 meters of fishing line or you can fasten the fishing line directly to the ground.

Please note that as for all gases, helium is subject to variations in volume in relation to atmospheric temperature. As such, it is advisable to inflate Falkoon at the outside temperature in which it will be employed. A drop in Falkoon's volume may be caused initially by a drop in outside temperature (ex. at night), and the resulting contraction of the helium, which will once again expand as temperatures rise. It is important to note that Falkoon can be inflated repeatedly.

*No single product stands alone; a combination of Bird deterrents must be used with repeated reinforcement as necessary.

How to Conduct An Effective Bird Scare Campaign

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