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Gull-Cat Scare Cat Bird Deterrent

Gull-Cat Scare Cat Bird Deterrent
Gull-Cat Scare Cat on a boat deck hatch Gull-Cat Bird Deterrent on a boat deck hatch Gull  scare cat in pool Gull Scare Bird Scare Cat keeps birds away Gull Scare Cat device - keep birds off deck Gull- Scare Cat on wall for Woodpeckers & Swallows

Gull-Cat Scare Cat Bird Deterrent

TheGull-Cat Scare Cat Bird Deterrent is nature's answer to deter gulls, geese, pigeons, starlings, herons and woodpeckers.The Bird Scare Cat is a life-like crouching and moving cat that scares away birds. A continuously moving cat powered by mother nature. To use, snap on head, connect tail, and watch birds fly away!

  • Gull-Cat Scare Cat crouching predator stance; life-like fur, sharp teeth, claws
  • Gull-Cat Scare Cat legs can be securely tethered , contoured to fit all surfaces
  • Gull-Cat Scare Cat is weighted & stable
  • Gull-Cat Scare Cat continually moves in a random pattern by wind or waves
  • Gull-Cat Scare Cat easily stored, mounted, dismounted, collapsible
  • Gull-Cat bird deterrent can be placeon tables, furnature, boat decks, swimming pools, pools

Use the Gull-Cat Bird Deterrent & Bird Scare Device on :

  • Problem Birds - Sea Gulls, Geese, Pigeons. Cormorants, sparrows and gulls, crows, woodpecker problems

  •  Move the Gull-Cat Bird Deterrent every few days to increase the effectiveness

Boats, Sail Boats, Motor Boats, yachts,  Docks, Gardens, Patios, Backyards, Balconies, Sailboats
Walls, Pool, lawns, decks, Yacht,Porches,trees, on walls to scare woodpeckers,


“Gull-Cat Bird Scare kept birds away from our pool until it mysteriously disappeared. No choice, bought another. This product works!”

—Orlando Padron, Key Largo, FL

“I couldn’t be happier with the performance of the Bird Scare Cat. It has kept my dock clear of ducks and geese—and their awful feces which covered the dock in the past—day and night. It really works!”

—Howie Hacht, Watertown Yacht Club


Gull-Cat Bird Deterent Scares Birds Keeps Birds Away

Gull-Cat Bird Deterent Scares Birds keeps birds away by tapping into fear and flight response. This realistic looking cat will scare birds away from your boat, balcony, garden, patio etc. Rid yourself from bird problems by positioning the Gull-Cat Bird Deterent Scares Birds near the bird problem area.  Keep birds away and off of your dock. Stop problem birds from landing near the pool or pool deck. Keep ducks away and get rid of the ducks on your boat and dock. Stop geese from ruining your lawn & get rid of geese on lake front lawns. The Gull-Cat Bird Deterent Scares Birds also works as a gull deterrent scaring and keeping gulls away from boats including sailboats and yachts. Use the Gull-Cat Bird Deterent Scares Birds to get rid of seagulls allowing you to keep your boat and dock clean. The Gulls Gotta Go Bird Deterent Scares Birds can also me mounted on a wall to deter woodpeckers. The Gull- Cat out performs classic fake owl decoy, plastic owl decoy and garden owl.

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