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Prowler Scare Owl

Prowler Scare Owl
Close up Prowler Scare Owl Prowler Scare Owl deterring pest birds from garden Prowler Scare Owl  keeping birds off boats moving wings  Prowler Scare Owl

The Prowler Scare Owl bird deterrent utilized lifelike owl features to frighten and scare away pest birds. The moving lifelife Winged Scare Owl is designed to scare away pest birds from problem areas such as roof tops, houses, gardens etc. The free moving Scare Owl works best when combined with other bird deterrents.

  • Prowler Scare Owll is lifelike with a wind-catching design that frightens pest birds!
  • Prowler Scare Owl Accurate plumage & hunting flight pose scares problem birds
  • Prowler Scare Owl Intimidating, glassy eyes "follow" pest birds
  • Prowler Scare Owl Flexible wings move & flap in the wind scaring away pest birds

All scare products work best when used in combination with  other audio & visual bird deterrents as they increase the birds’ fear and flight response to the perceived predator threat.

* Bird Scare products may not be effective against non-migratory birds like pigeons and sparrows. If the birds are new to the area the product has shown some effectiveness. If pigeons and sparrows are nesting we recommend exclusion products like Bird Netting. The Winged Scare Owl  should be used as part of a organized bird dispersal campaign

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