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Vinyl Strip Doors Bird Deterrent Price from $98

Vinyl Strip Doors Bird Deterrent Price from $98
Vinyl Door Strips - Bird Deterrents Plastic Door Strips keep birds out of warehouses

Vinyl Strip Doors Bird Deterrents

Plastic strip doors are used throughout industrial, commercial and institutional structures, to keep pest birds out of buildings. Pest birds such as sparrows, starlings and pigeons like to fly into building for food and shelter. Vinyl Strip doors can prevent these unwanted birds from damaging products or creating the potenial for slip and fall accidents.

Vinyl Strip Doors are used to prevent pest birds from entering a warehouse without blocking the view of the inside or preventing people from walking through it. Made up of a series of overlapping flexible vinyl strips that are transparent, odorless and non-toxic. The plastic door strips part only enough to let a person or truck pass through, but deter pest birds. The balance of the strips remain closed with the parted strips falling right back into place automatically after passage, ensuring minimum loss of expensive heated or cooled air. Vinyl Strip Doors are tough, sturdy - able to withstand the impact of heavy equipment and constant use.

Pollution Seal: The Vinyl Strip Door cuts the cost of operating air-filtration systems by sealing out dust, dirt, fumes, smoke and airborne contaminants. Removing these particulates also minimizes clean-up costs, enhances the plant's appearance and will help you meet OSHA employee protection standards!

Plastic Curtain Strips is widely used in malls, factories, stores and other places. It can reduce noises, keep indoors warm, and keep your spaces away from contamination and pests! It is clear for safety and efficiency to keep your operation moving. Made of PVC material, it is elegant, durable, and healthy. The temperature it can stand up to 60℃/140℉, thus, it is able to withstand extreme environment.

Effective against: Sparrows, starlings, pigeons etc

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