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Wireless Bird Wailer - Wetlands w/Strobe

Wireless Bird Wailer - Wetlands w/Strobe


The Mk IV Wetlands Bird Wailer is a state of the art electronic bird deterrent that moves problem pest birds by creating a "no comfort" zone causing specific species to flee the area. The Agricultural Bird Wailer MkIV  deters problem birds from: Fruit Crops, Arable Crops, Fish Farms, Mine Tailings Ponds, retention ponds.

The  Bird Wailer bird deterrent incorporates up to 34 natural sounds, such as target bird alarm and distress calls, together with predators like hawks, owls, etc. indigenous to your area. Because birds and some animals habituate to repetitive sounds, the Bird Wailer System incorporates up to 95 seconds of natural sounds plus 100 electronic sounds that can be programmed at random. An impression of surround sound is created by electronically moving the many different combinations of audio sounds and natural sounds randomly from speaker to speaker for varying durations, at varying intervals. This unique feature lessens the likelihood of  problem pest birds becoming familar with a pattern. This is known as habituation, which often happens with conventional bird scare devices.

Wireless Bird Wailer - Wetlands Model Mk IV w/ Strobe is a state of the art bird deterrent system designed for use in areas where cables and remote speakers and cables are a nuisance. Although 2 outlets are available for 500’ remote speaker connections if required.

The Mk IV Wetlands Bird Wailer is not a ‘scare’ system relying on loud noises. But instead, creates a "No Fly" zone of rotational, surround sound at normal db’s making it uncomfortable for the birds to remain in the area. The Mk IV Wetlands Bird Wailer with four adjustable Super-horn Speakers + 4 internal low frequency speakers is particularly effective against soaring birds at tailings ponds and similar wetland environments.

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The Super Speakers will project the natural species specific alarm / distress sounds in a circle of sound with a radius of at least 1000 feet. The aggressive electronic sounds can be thrown up to 3000 feet.

The strobe light – visible up to 8 miles – flashes in conjunction with the sound sequences is essential for herons, ducks, geese, coyotes and other difficult species.

Coverage: 8 – 40 acres depending on topography and sound program.

Additional Info http://birdzero.com/airports-bird-zero-fl.html

Link to sound library : http://www.birdbusters.com/bird_sound_list.html

Bird Wailer Specifications: http://www.birdbusters.com/Phoenix%20WailerMkIIIbSpecs_birdbusters.html

To order reply with schematic depicting measurements, target species, crops for specific advicejackwagner at birdbusters.com

I would like to inform you that we have been very pleased with the Phoenix Wailer electronic bird deterrent system we purchased from you three years ago.

Mike Acker
Environmental Scientist
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