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Woodpecker Deterrent Kit - Advanced

Woodpecker Deterrent Kit - Advanced
Holographic Owl with Swivel Bracket BirdFire Optical Bird Gel BirdFire Optical Bird Gel in a Dish Holographic Repel Strips Scare Eye Octopus Swivel Bracket Kit

Woodpecker Deterrent Kit - Advanced- includes Audio, Visual and Smell Deterrents

Woodpecker problems are best solved by using a combination of visual, audio, smell bird deterrents. Our advanced woodpecker kit saves you time and money by combining audio, visual and smell deterrent all in one kit.  The  woodpecker kit includes The new Optical Bird Gel which affects all pest bird species by triggering multiple sensory responses by making it it appear as a flame to approaching birds. Our popular Holographic Owls &  Holographic Bird Scare Flash Tape, whose bright flash and unique  iridescent feather pattern/large eyes and deters persistent woodpeckers. The time tested Scare Eye Octopus visual bird deterrent.  Plus the Swivel Bracket kits to  move the visual bird deterrents away from the building and increase movement, this allows the Holographic Owl & Scare Eye Octopus  to move freely in the wind and reflect sunlight at the Woodpeckers. When possible position visual deterrents up and away from buildings and put them in the flight paths of the woodpecker and/or near the problem areas. Using a CD player, place Woodpecker Distress cd near the area to help drive away woodpeckers.  Also included is a  BirdBlaster audio bird deterrent which should be manually used when woodpeckers are spotted in the area.

The advanced woodpecker Kit includes:  3 Optical Bird Gel pre-loaded dishes,  2 Holographic Owls, 1 Holographic Bird Scare Flash Tape, 2 Scare Eye Octopus, 2 Swivel Bracket kits, 1 bounce bracket, 1 Woodpecker Distress cd, 1 woodpecker deterrent Decoy


BirdFire Optical Bird Gel (3 each)

BirdFire Optical Gel affects all pest bird species by triggering multiple sensory responses. First, the material emits a UV light to make it appear as a flame to approaching birds. At the same time the ingredients citronella and peppermint oil are emitting scents that are offensive to birds. These scents mask the pheromones that pest birds use to identify their home. The flame and offensive scents of the  BirdFire Optical Bird Gel act as a 1-2 punch and have an adverse effect on the roosting and nesting behavior of pest birds. BirdFire Optical Gel is sticky and will make any perch or nesting area unpleasant for the most stubborn birds if they attempt to land on the product. Place one dish near the problem area and the other 2 dishes on each side of the main dish, each dish should be about 8" away from the main dish. Use the double back tape to adhere to the surface. If needed use a dab of standard silicone adhesive.

Holographic Guardian Owl

The Holographic Guardian Owl has been University tested with positive results for pest bird control. The bright flash of the unique holographic Owl / iridescent feather pattern, large eyes and movement deters the most persistent woodpeckers from pecking into buildings. Simply hang the bird scare Holographic Guardian Owl in the problem areas, flight path and building corners. Made of durable plastic to withstand the outdoor elements. Each Holographic Guardian Owl measures 16" tall and 8" wide. Attach to the Bounce Bracket -. bend one end 45 degrees, attach to wall using small washer / wood screw. Use a short length of strong, UV stable monofilament to attach swivel mount to the other end. Place the other Holographic Owl in a flight path or corner using a Swivel bracket.


Holographic Bird Scare Flash Tape

The Holographic Bird Scare Flash Tape includes 25' of 2" wide highly reflective Holographic Bird Scare Flash Tape. The 2" wide film flutters, flashes and crackles with the smallest breeze. Simply cut film to desired length, apply strips  and hang it near and around the problem area to scare problem pest birds away. Cut  into 2' to 3' long strips so that they can move around in the wind.

Scare Eye Octopus

Scare Eye Octopus combined with long mylar streamers flash brilliantly in sunlight, signalling danger to pest birds and driving them from the immediate area. Place near attack areas and in flight path.

Swivel Bracket Kit

Use Swivel Bracket Kit  to increase movement  of the Holographic Guardian Owl, Scare Eye Octopus, Holographic Repel Strips and project into flight path. Visual bird deterrents are more effective when they are allowed to move freely in the wind and reflect sunlight back at the problem pest bird.

 Two 14” x 1/4” rods, 6” SS Swivel Arm, Mounting Hardware

Woodpecker Distress cd

Use a CD player or transfer the audio to a media player or similar sound system to play the woodpecker deterrent cd. The audio emits various woodpecker species distress calls along with predator red-tail goshawk sounds that occur intermittently throughout the 35 minute CD. Position speakers at approximate height of the woodpecker damage, but facing away from woodpecker problem area. Camouflage the speakers using wood siding, tree bark or a visual bird deterrent device. Because LOUD sounds typically distort avian auditory reception, you will want to experiment first at low volume and adjust as necessary. Place additional speakers, along with visual woodpecker deterrents, in areas where the woodpeckers have NOT attacked previously and at the corners of the home. This will discourage potential roosting. All scare products work best when used in combination with each other as they increase the birds fear and flight response to the perceived predator threat, so deploy visual deterrents in combination this audio deterrent product.

Red Head Woodpecker Decoy device - The 9" woodpecker deterrent decoy is coated with Ultra Violet Paint enhancing the profile of the decoy to incoming woodpeckers. The birds cue onto the image to visually avoid the area. The decoy is simply mounted onto a nail. A spring is included for added movement.

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