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Woodpecker Deterrent Kit - Basic

Woodpecker Deterrent Kit - Basic
Holographic Owl with Swivel Bracket


Woodpecker Deterrent Kit - Basic

Woodpecker problems are solved best using a combination of visual, audio, taste bird deterrents. Our woodpecker kit saves you time and money by combining a few of our best selling visual woodpecker deterrents.  Our woodpecker kit includes mounting brackets to hang Holographic owls and Holographic Bird Scare Flash Tape up and away from  buildings and put them in the flight paths of the woodpecker and/or near the problem areas.

The woodpecker Kit includes 2 Holographic Owls, 1 Holographic Bird Scare Flash Tape and 1 Swivel Bracket kit.


Holographic Guardian Owl

The Holographic Guardian Owl has been University tested with positive results for pest bird control. The bright flash of the unique holographic Owl / iridescent feather pattern, large eyes and movement deters the most persistent pest birds from destroying personal property. Simply hang the bird scare Holographic Guardian Owl in the problem areas and flight path. Made of durable plastic to withstand the outdoor elements. Each Holographic Guardian Owl measures 16" tall and 8" wide.

Great for repelling pest birds from orchards, crops, gardens, boats, docks, barns and homes.

Holographic Repel Strips Kit

The Holographic Repel Strip Kit includes 25' of 2" wide highly reflective holographic repel strips / iridescent film and 5 easy to apply strip hangers. The 2" wide film flutters, flashes and crackles with the smallest breeze. Simply cut film to desired length, apply strip hanger and hang it up in the problem area to scare problem pest birds away.

Swivel Bracket Kit

Use Swivel Bracket Kit  to increase movement  of the Holographic Guardian Owl and project into flight path. Visual bird deterrents are more effective when they are allowed to move freely in the wind and reflect sunlight back at the problem pest bird.

 Two 14” x 1/4” rods, 6” SS Swivel Arm, Mounting Hardware

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