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Woodpecker Power Pole Deterrent System

Woodpecker Power Pole Deterrent System
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Woodpecker Power Pole Deterrent System 

BIRDBUSTERS has developed a integrated multi-sensory woodpecker deterrent system utilizing sight, smell, taste and motion technology to deter woodpeckers from wood utility poles. Woodpeckers cause major damage to power, utility poles  and homes. Woodpeckers such as the Pileated Woodpecker like to drill into Utility poles to seach for insects or store food.

The system consists of woodpecker decoys coated with ultra violet paint.  Attacking woodpeckers are cued to the decoy's profile and movement.  Decoys,  installed circumferentially indicates that the pole is 'occupied territory'. A specially designed attachment enables the decoy to move and bob with the wind.

 A 'scare cat' with real fur and baring teeth has a wind activated head / tail. The solar powered rotating 'Attack Eagle' has raptor cries on a micro chip. Both deterrents are used to re-enforce the woodpecker decoys.

The pole is further protected using  BirdFire Optical Gel dishes.  The gel is formulated to appear as fire to avian vision.  Peppermint oil is added to affect the woodpecker olfactory receptors.

 Clip on plastic receivers are threaded onto stainless steel adjustable zip ties. The BirdFire Gel dishes clip into the receivers. The zip ties / dishes are installed in a spiral design using stainless zip clips. The serpentine pattern provides 360 degree visual warning to attacking woodpeckers.

Eco-Bird 14.5 Methyl Anthranilate (MA)  mixture combines taste / scent technology . MA retains it's powerful odor for up to 10 days - typically enough time to modify attacking behavior.  Apply between BirdFire Gel configuration.  Sprayer not included.

 Audio Option: Squawker + 4 speakers provides 2500' LF coverage using species specific alarm / raptor sounds.




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